Watermelon Popsicles

by - July 22, 2017

These watermelon popsicles are the simplest snack! They are so refreshing and perfect for this time of year. I went simple with the chocolate drizzle, but you could definitely be more creative and add shredded coconut, nuts, nut butter or anything else as well. Be careful when poking wholes for the popsicle sticks though as the watermelon skin is quite hard and can be slippery! I showed how I make these in my recent healthy snacks video, so definitely check that out at the bottom of this video!

Dark chocolate (dairy-free if vegan)
Any other toppings you would like

Slice the watermelon into slices about 1/8 of a circle. Carefully poke a whole for the popsicle stick with a pointy end of a sharp knife (be careful!). Stick the stick into the watermelon as far as you want. 

Melt the dark chocolate. You can either do this in the microwave or by placing a bowl into a pot of simmering water and add the chocolate to the bowl. Make sure no water gets in the bowl, stirr continuously and don’t let it get too hot as chocolate can burn and get clumpy. Add the melted chocolate to a plastic bag or a piping bag and drizzle it over the watermelon slices. If using a plastic bag make sure to use one that won’t melt from the heat of the chocolate. You can also just drizzle with a spoon. Freeze until you’re ready to eat or for at least a couple of hours. 


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