Layered Raspberry Mango Smoothie [Vegan]

by - July 09, 2017

Summer is here, and it is the perfect time to over indulge in smoothies, berries and everything fresh and delicious. This layered mango and raspberry smoothie is the perfect example. This recipe was part of my video called "DIY Healthy Tumblr/Instagram Food! / How to Make Picture-Worthy Food for Instagram + Tumblr!". You can find the video at the bottom of this post, so check it out if you're interested! 

Frozen raspberries
Frozen mango
Frozen banana
Chia seeds (optional)
Almond milk

Start by blending 3/4 of the raspberries and some of the banana with some chia seeds and almond milk. Make sure to not add too much liquid as this will make the smoothie harder to layer. Leave the blended smoothie to the side and repeat with 3/4 of the mango, banana, chia seeds and some almond milk. Set aside. Finally blend the rest of the raspberries, mango, banana and some almond milk to create the transition shade. Layer the three smoothies in a glass or a jar and enjoy with some fresh fruit and berries on top. 

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